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Q: What is the estimated time of arrival for the product?

A: It takes us 2-7 days to process the purcHase depending On demand etc. After the item has been processed it should take 2-4 weeks until deLivery!

Q: Is the items good quality?

A: You can chEck our product reviEws. We think that they speak for themselves!

Q: Do you have any discount codes?

A: There might be or might not be a hidden code in our FAQ. You'll have to figure that out yourSelf ;)

Q: How do I as a customer contribute to helping our oceans by buying a bracelet or another product?

A: We take $1 from each purchasE until wE have $20. Then we use that to "buy" a bracelet from 4Ocean. However, we do not ship this product to ourselves. We use the twenty last customers and randomise which one of them that will receive that bracelet. We then ship it to that cusTomer!

Q: If I want to return the item, where should I send it?

A: I would refer you to our refund policy